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Knives Wreck Lives

Knife crime is a massive issue in our region, there have been 15 stabbings in West Yorkshire in three months alone, and in five years in Leeds, the number of people caught with illegal weapons has more than doubled.
Our anti-knife crime project aims to tackle this problem through talks and mentoring, drawing on the lived experience of our directors and volunteers.
Through presenting alternative pathways, and sharing real-life experiences of the consequences of knife crime, we want to groom young people out of the gangs that they are being groomed into around Leeds.

Our partner organisations, including a gym which specialises in training elite boxers, and a local graffiti artist, both providing sessions for young people as part of the scheme. VCS also works with corporate and partner organisations so that we can add to our resources of alternative pathway options, including tutorials and employability skills training. Feedback from the students involved in our project is used to shape the content so it’s always fresh, engaging and relevant.
Haydn Jessop, one of our directors, was involved in knife crime, before serving a short jail sentence in 2013, and subsequently turning his life around and can draw upon his experience for talks and mentoring.

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If you are a school, college, Academy Trust or youth group, who want to discuss how you’re students could benefit from our anti-knife crime project, please get in touch.