Covering Leeds

The Container Project

Assisting the Most Vulnerable

A second shot at a stable life for the homeless in Leeds

Our innovative container home project is the first of its kind in Leeds and could take great steps towards alleviating the current homelessness crisis.
Our idea is simple but similar concepts have proven to be hugely effective in other parts of the UK. We have started building a micro-home from a donated shipping container that will provide self-contained living space for one person for six months. That six months will be a lifeline, during which time VCS will provide employability training, support looking for jobs, or referrals and liaison with other agencies that can help with a permanent housing solution.
Recently, local tradesmen and building suppliers have really stepped up, and with their help, we have almost finished refurbishing Leeds’ first container home. Ultimately, we’d like to build ten to fifteen of these homes, creating a small community, and making a real difference to the homelessness crisis in our city.

We are looking into options for land within Leeds to place the homes on and we still need donations of labour and materials to keep this project moving forwards. If you could help with any of this, or with a cash donation towards the costs of this project, please get in touch using the form below.
Our team have been working with the homeless in Leeds for five years, so we know that a project like this which offers support towards a second chance at a stable, sustainable future could make a huge difference.


Could you help?

We need land, possibly to lease or buy, labour from tradespeople and cash donations. If you can help in any way, please fill in the form below.

    It’s all coming together

    Our Container Homes will provide vital shelter for the homeless and their pets 

    Insulation Day

    Homefoam came forward and helped us insulate the container – FREE OF CHARGE, this has helped us massively in other areas we’ve been able to use the money.

    Spray Foaming

    Kevin & Co from Homefoam spraying the inside of the container, this provides insulation for our self contained home. Lots of respect for all tradesmen involved.

    Prep Day – Here it started

    Sam Hanson & Haydn Lee Jessop, getting drawings and plans underway, with a great tour of Northern Containers fabrication workshop, before work started.

    Find us online for the latest updates

    A massive thanks to our sponsors & partners

    We are sharing this story so we can gain more sponsors and more partnerships on the way, our sponsors and partnerships include;
    ✅Servo Group
    ✅The big Word
    ✅Morrisons (Kirkstall)
    ✅MJC investments
    ✅PB Joinery
    ✅Icynene (Ireland)
    ✅Ace Group (Northern Containers)
    ✅DPC Group
    ✅P Simpson & Sons
    ✅ALC Electrical Services
    ✅PR Supplies
    ✅Park Lane Collage Leeds
    ✅Gold Signature Images


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